Welcome to the J. Bass Ministries Official Website
Good morning and thank you SOOO much for taking the time to check out our all
new, updated website. God is ABSOLUTELY and continually shifting us into a
season of greater and I'm so glad that you're on this journey with us. Thank you
SOOO much for taking the time to check out our website.
We KNOW there are many other websites, musicians, music, etc that you could be
interested in, but we believe that God lead you here for a purpose.
We pray that you are blessed and encouraged by what you see and hear.

On this new website, we hope to keep you updated with our newly released CD projects,
as well as upcoming events. #staytuned for #GREATER!!!
On this site you can find:
Soul stirring music released through J. Bass Ministries
More information about our ministry
How you can join and or partner with us
We pray that YOU will join us this
Summer for our upcoming
35/20 Celebration
The J. Bass Ministries 2nd Annual
CD's Currently Available!!!
(Visit the "MUSIC" page for links to each project!!!)
J. Bass Ministries
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